The 5 Best Compound Bows for 2023

When it comes to bowhunting, having the best compound bow you can get will make a huge difference. Bowhunting is hard enough, so having a bow that’s quiet, smooth to draw, balanced, and accurate will help improve your odds of a successful shot.

Today’s compound bows are designed and manufactured with some of the most advanced and precise engineering available, and they keep getting more advanced each year. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 5 best compound bows for 2023.

With so many great brands producing quality bows, it’s hard to have more than one bow represented by the same brand. We’ve chosen one bow from each of the 5 most innovative and industry-leading brands, because at the end of the day, they all make great bows, and you’ll be happy with a flagship bow from any of these brands.

In no specific order, here are the 5 best compound bows for 2023.

Mathews Phase 4

The Phase 4 is Matthews 2023 flagship bow and is already turning heads, even for those who swear by other brands.

What makes the Phase 4 remarkable is how stupid quiet it is. With technology that dampens vibration directly in the limbs, this bow is already silent right out of the box. By adding dampeners and other accessories, this may be the quietest bow currently on the market.

Available in 29 or 33-inch axle-to-axle configurations, the Phase 4 is a versatile system for pursuing just about any game species on the planet. Another unique feature of the Phase 4 is the bridge lock stabilizer, which mounts the stabilizer directly through the riser. This improves balance points and allows for increased tunability to suit your specific balance preferences.

If you’re a backcountry hunter, you’ll especially love the Stay Afield system, which is a servicing cable that allows you to remove and repair strings and cables without the need for a bow press. What would otherwise ruin a hunt can now be fixed in the field so your hunt can go on.

The Phase 4 is a great choice for bowhunters of all skill levels and can handle any environment. If you’re looking for a super quiet and balanced bow, the Mathews Phase 4 is an exceptional choice.

Hoyt Carbon RX-7

Moving on to perhaps Mathew’s biggest competitor, Hoyt, the Carbon RX-7 without a doubt belongs on this list.

Hoyt has long been an innovator for Carbon riser bows, and the RX-7 is their newest and most improved-upon version for 2023. Carbon fiber bows have the advantage of being more lightweight, quiet, and being warm to the touch in cold weather, unlike aluminum.

The RX-7 is available with a 30-inch axle-to-axle length, or 34 inches with the RX-7 Ultra. With draw weight options of anywhere from 30 to 80 pounds, the RX-7 can be used by anyone, from a youth hunter just learning how to bow hunt or an experienced veteran wanting to maximize their draw weight.

The Hoyt RX-7 also features the HBX Pro cams, which are Hoyt’s smooth and adjustable cam system. In addition, this bow also has the In Line accessory system for mounting accessories with ease and even reduces vibration and noise.

Although the RX-7 demands a high price tag, you’ll without a doubt get your money’s worth for this best-in-class carbon fiber compound bow.

PSE Omen

As PSE states, the Omen is “the new benchmark in energy transfer”. It seems like they can back this up because the Omen maximizes draw speeds at any draw length, something that many bows have a difficult time with.

Along with being an extremely smooth bow, the Omen is equipped with what PSE calls their full draw stability (FDS) system. This technology provides an incredibly stable and comfortable experience at full draw, which is precisely where it matters most.

Other features of the Omen include the EZ 220 spacer system, which gives users the ability for quick tuning and cam leaning adjustments, as well as their Kill-Shok riser mounted damper and Picatinny rail for easy sight mounting.

The PSA Omen is a cool-looking bow that has the performance to match, so don’t sleep on this great bow in your search for a new compound bow.

Prime Revex

The Prime Revex aims (no pun intended) to be the most stable and accurate archery platform on the market. From top to bottom, everything about the Revex is designed with stability built-in, most notably with the center gripped riser. This technology translates to more accurate and well-placed shots in the heat of the moment.

Available in 32-, 34-, And 36-inch axle-to-axle lengths, the Revex has something to offer for a variety of draw lengths so you can get the most out of this platform. In addition, the improved core cam system pulls everything to the center allowing for a smoother draw and more stable tension at full draw.

A few other unique features include the nanogrip, which uses NASA-grade materials to protect your hands from a freezing cold riser, as well as easy tuning with draw length-specific mods.

Prime is quickly climbing to the top among the best compound bow manufacturers, so give the Revex a try and see for yourself why so many bowhunters are switching to the Prime Revex.

Bear Legend XR

What also makes the Legend XR an unmatched choice for youth hunters is that it has adjustable draw lengths built in. Over the course of a few years, a youth hunter is sure to grow into longer and longer draw lengths. This makes the Legend XR a great bow for young hunters to grow along with, without having to spend money on a new bow every year.

The Legend XR is available in a 32-inch axle-to-axle length and a 6.25-inch brace height. Along with an 85% let-off and hybrid cam, this bow is incredibly forgiving and easy to shoot.

If you’re looking for an affordable choice to get started with bowhunting in 2023, there truly isn’t a better choice than the Bear Legend XR.


Any one of these 5 exceptional compound bows will be a great choice for a new bow in 2023 whether you’re a brand-new hunter, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in-between.

As a last bit of advice, know that every archer is different, so the best way to figure out which bow is right for you is to go to your local archery shop and try out a few for yourself to see what you like.

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